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The most beautiful sunsets in Ibiza

Ibiza, the island of epic parties and endless beaches, is also a place where nature unveils one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world. Sip a cocktail, breathe in the salty sea air and prepare to be dazzled. Here are some of the best places to enjoy Ibiza’s sunsets.

The most emblematic : Es Vedra

This is one of the most mysterious places and famous sunsets in Ibiza. The rocky islet of Es Vedra is often associated with legends and stories of magnetic places. From this spot, sunsets are just breathtaking ! The massive silhouette of Es Vedra stands out against the horizon as the sun plunges into the Mediterranean. A marvel to behold, but you have to work hard to get a place in the sun (especially in high season).

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The most hippie : Cala Benirras

When we talk about sunset, we’re inevitably talking about Benirras. Hippie beach in the north of Ibiza, the place is literally transformed into a bohemian paradise at sunset, as the drums resound in front of the sea. So here’s a little advice : sit on the beach, let yourself be carried away by the music of the drums and watch the sun gently descend behind the famous rock that sublimates the horizon. A ceremony of thanks for the show put on by Mother Nature.

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The most rocky : Punta Galera

This is an unspoilt corner of Ibiza, nestled between the cliffs, which turns into magic for sunsets. Punta Galera offers the perfect intimate setting for a sunset. The flat rock formations serve as a natural solarium, perfect for lying back and relaxing, while the vibrant colours of the sun are reflected on the red rock all around. A magnificent sight that also has the distinction of being less popular than many others.

The most spectacular : Cala Comte

Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and golden sands, Cala Comte is just as famous for its sublime Ibiza sunset. At sunset, crowds gather on the edge of the ochre cliffs or on the beach to enjoy the show. The clarity of the water creates an atmosphere and colour so special you’ll think you’re in a dream. For even more fun, we recommend you take a seat at the Sunset Ashram restaurant (which is part of our selection of best restaurants with amazing views in Ibiza) but places are expensive….

The most wild : Ses Salines

Situated in the Ses Salines nature park, this beach offers an incredible view of the sunset. The golden dunes and abundant vegetation frame the setting sun perfectly. It’s the perfect spot if you want to avoid the crowds, as Ses Salines beach is one of the largest on the island. And if you’d rather watch nightfall over the salt marshes, you could come face to face with a flock of pink flamingos… Who knows ?

The most secret : Las Puertas del Cielo

If the name literally means « The Gates of Heaven » in Spanish, then the place is definitely worth a visit. Perched on a hill between the cliffs of Sa Penya Esbarrada, Las Puertas del Cielo offers panoramic views over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and a dream spot to watch the sun set. And if you choose your day carefully, you could find yourself virtually alone in the world…

The most famous : Café del Mar

Here again, it’s impossible to talk about sunsets without thinking of the legendary Café del Mar ! Known the world over for its chill-out evenings and its playlists, the address also lights up at sunset to delight its guests. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the show in a great atmosphere, with a cocktail in hand. This is exactly the life you deserve…

The most artistic : Cala Llentia

Less crowded than some of Ibiza’s other beaches, Cala Llentia offers a more peaceful sunset experience. The combination of the almost lunar landscape of the cliffs and the deep blue sea creates a spectacular backdrop. A few dozen metres from the shore, the stone columns of Time & Space plunge us into a mystical tableau that Las Puertas, a round artistic formation, punctuates to perfection.