Flying taxis ibiza

Flying taxis arrive with 4 minutes flights between Ibiza and Mallorca

Nextnorth introduces electric flying taxis to connect the Balearic islands and the mainland, offering a unique and exclusive travel experience. A very expensive flight for a 4 minutes journey between islands.

Flying taxis are now a reality in Spain ! Vertical takeoff and landing electric vehicles (eVTOL) have touched down in the Balearic Islands, thanks to the innovation of NextNorth. This new technology will enable quick connections between the islands and the mainland.

EVTOLs represent a new generation of aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing, much like helicopters, but utilizing electric motors instead of fossil fuels. These vehicles offer numerous advantages : they are quieter, cleaner, and more cost-effective than traditional helicopters, making them an ideal choice for urban and tourist transportation.

Welcome to the expensive future

However, this service is not intended for all budgets. The current cost of an eVTOL journey is 3,550€ for 5 seats, amounting to 710€ per person. It is expected that new types of bird taxis will be introduced in the coming months, which will help reduce prices. It is estimated that a trip within Ibiza could cost 95€ per seat, making travel more affordable for general users.

Reservations can be made through NextNorth’s official website or app. Currently, only a limited number of flights are available. While eVTOL air taxis remain a luxury for most, NextNorth hopes to democratize this form of transportation in the future. A perfect way to start your dinner in Ibiza and finish it in Mallorca…