Sa Capella Restaurant Ibiza

Sa Capella, a restaurant hidden in a 16th century church in Ibiza

One of Ibiza’s must-visit restaurants, Sa Capella, is a must-try at least once in your life! Located in a former 16th-century church, it welcomes you in a spellbinding and totally romantic historic setting.

You’ll be able to confess while you eat ! Here, the tables are set in the heart of a magnificent church built in the 16th century. Just imagine : soft lights twinkling at dusk, a gentle summer breeze caressing your skin and a culinary experience that awakens your senses in a place steeped in history. Welcome to Sa Capella, one of Ibiza’s most romantic restaurants, nestled in an old 16th-century church in San Antonio.

Between historic walls, lies a church converted into a restaurant, where times merge to create a unique experience. In 1978, two friends set themselves the challenge of transforming this abandoned church into a restaurant. Sa Capella has retained the soul of its past, with its sturdy stone walls and Gothic vaults, creating an unforgettable backdrop for a romantic evening.

A history of religion and gastronomy

And the picture is sublime : a central nave, 6 small side chapels, an impressive 8 metre high vaulted ceiling and a large terrace dotted with bougainvillea and lanterns. But Sa Capella isn’t just a magnificent place, it’s also a gastronomic destination that’s sure to win you over. The menu offers a refined fusion of Mediterranean and international flavours, prepared with top-quality local ingredients. Imagine enjoying meat grilled on a huge grill or fresh fish carpaccio with a citrus twist, all surrounded by history.

The icing on the cake: the restaurant is also ideally located for enjoying the sunset. Just to add an even more mystical touch to this recital of beauty…

Carrer Capella 26 – Sant Antoni de Portmany
Tel. : +34 971 34 00 57