Ibiza best secrets beach

The best secret beaches in Ibiza

While best ibiza’s beaches are crowded, there are some little sand paradise that remain hidden from view. Here’s our selection of best secret beaches in Ibiza for swimming and sunbathing in peace and quiet.

The most festive : Cala Escondida

Situated at the foot of a cliff just before the very popular Cala Comte, Cala Escondida offers turquoise waters and a small beach to make the most of one of the most beautiful spots on the island. The spot is also ideal for enjoying the sunset, with a small chiringuito offering cocktails, cold drinks and excellent sangria to sip on the beach. But of course, places are expensive and you need to get there early.

The most fishermen : Es Calonet

This fishermen’s beach lined with wooden huts is a 5-minute walk along the west coast from the immense Cala Tarida. At the bottom of the little path leading down to the sea, you’ll find this little cove, which is popular with families and locals alike. You’re guaranteed a moment of pure idleness away from the crowds and tourists (unless they decide to read us, sorry…). On the other hand, for a drink or a bite to eat, you’ll have to go to Cala Tarida. One of the most popular secret beaches of Ibiza.

The most famous : Cala Llentrisca

Cala Llentrisca may be off the island’s traditional beaten track, but it’s still very well-known and popular. But it’s well worth the effort. At the end of a 700m path along the cliff top after the end of the road at Urbanizació Es Cubells, this beach has it all. Surrounded by fishermen’s cottages, pine forests and the song of the cicadas, the cove is the perfect place to lie down on the slipways of the cottages. A well-deserved escape.

The most spectacular : Cala Xarraca

Everyone knows Cala Xarraca and its waterside restaurant. A little further along, on the other side of the beach, lies a veritable diamond hidden behind a small cliff. After a 3/4-minute winding walk over the rocks, you’ll discover this paradise on earth and its crystal-clear water lined with wooden huts. The icing on the cake : the sand has been replaced by super-comfortable seaweed on which to lay your towel. And if you want to explore the seabed with your family, this is the ideal place!

The most natural : S’Illot des Renclí

The restaurant of the same name is one of the best restaurants with incredible views in Ibiza ! In the north of the island, this tiny beach offers an authentic setting for those seeking absolute peace and quiet. After eating a delicious paella on a table in the shade of a pine tree on the edge of the cliff (with a magical view), you can end the day by splashing around in the clear water of the beach with your mask and snorkel to admire what’s going on under your little tanned feet.

The most adventurous : Cala d’Albarca

As well as offering an incredible view, Cala d’Albarca is a jewel you must visit. Located in the north near Sant Mateu, this cove is hidden away at the end of a 30/45 minute walk. After this hiking, you’ll find a magical spot with cliffs, rock pools, caves and islets… An aquatic outing reserved for the great adventurers that you are !