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Places to eat the best sandwiches in Ibiza

If you enjoy Ibiza’s beaches, good sandwiches are the obvious choices. In Ibiza, simplicity meets authenticity to offer us recipes that are both gourmet and generous.

The best value for money : Can Bellotera

Located in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Can Bellotera is renowned in Ibiza for its exceptional traditional sandwiches. With fresh, local ingredients, this place captures the essence of Ibiza’s cuisine. We advice you to try their famous sobrassada, a typical island delicacy. The place is simple and the decor minimalist, but it’s often in places like this that the food is at its most authentic. A spot where you can eat tasty recipes for less than 5 euros…

EI-700, km 1.8 – Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Tel. : +34 971 30 28 74

The most gastronomic : Can Gourmet

Can Gourmet, in the very heart of Ibiza Town, is a true heaven for the one who love gourmet sandwich and artisan products of Ibiza. Their original creations combine superior-quality ingredients with surprising flavors. Indulge in their « La Gourmet », filled with Iberian ham, goat cheese, onion jam, and arugula. You may also try the stracciatella one which literally melts in your mouth. A little bit expensive (at least 10 euros) but a true feast for the senses !

Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí 18b – Eivissa
Tel. : +34 642 61 55 07

The most mythical : Bar Costa

At the heart of Santa Gertrudis, Bar Costa is an iconic spot known for its traditional Ibiza sandwiches that have delighted locals for decades. As Can Bellotera, you could eat delicious recipes for just a few euros. Opt for their classic Spanish omelette sandwich, an absolute must for a tasty, typical and comforting lunch break. And you will also enjoy the moment, seated on a beautiful terrace in the middle of one of the most charming villages of Ibiza.

Plaça de l’Església – Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera
Tel. : +34 971 19 70 21

The healthy place : Es Tap Nou

Es Tap Nou is a paradise of fresh, local and healthy produce ! Situated in the very heart of Eivissa, it prepares some of the best sandwiches of Ibiza, using only the finest ingredients. It’s the perfect healthy break in the heart of the city. We recommend that you accompany your meal with an excellent fresh fruit juice and a homemade dessert. It’s impossible to resist temptation, especially when it’s good for you.

Carrer de Madrid 18 – Eivissa
Tel. : +34 971 39 98 41

The most montaditos : Can Sulayetas

Can Sulayetas is a legendary bar in the countryside of Ibiza (between Sant Miquel and Sant Mateu), famous for being the first to serve the traditional ‘montaditos’ of cold meats and cheese on farmhouse bread. With a a large rustic terrace where Ibicencos, foreign residents and a few rare tourists rub shoulders, the spot offers little prices, relaxed atmosphere is relaxed and a short but tasty menu is short but tasty.

Vénda de Rubió 127 – San Miguel de Balansat
Tel. : +34 971 33 45 67

The vegetarian paradise : Can Kiwi

Let’s go close to Mercat Nou, to discover Can Kiwi, a true sanctuary for vegetarian lovers. Their avocado, mozzarella, and grilled vegetable sandwich is a burst of freshness and flavors. Add a touch of their delightful homemade dressing for the perfect finishing touch. And while vegetarians will be delighted, so will carnivores, as the restaurant also offers succulent meat and fish recipes.

Calle canarias 3 – Ibiza
Tel. : +34 604 209 220