Casa Jondal Ibiza beach club

Casa Jondal : the best beach club of the world is in Ibiza !

Condé Nast Traveller magazine has just published its ranking of the world’s best beach clubs. And the best beach club of the world is in Ibiza : Casa Jondal.

Absolute benchmark of chic and luxury travel, Condé Nast Traveller is a kind of Bible for every trip lovers. And the famous magazine has just revealed his ranking of best beach clubs in the world. Surprise (or not) : the best beach club of the world is in Ibiza and its name is Casa Jondal !

The unmissable place of Casa Jondal

Casa Jondal opened its doors on the eponymous beach in 2020, at the height of the Covid period, when Ibiza was slowing down and even the seagulls seemed to be whispering. Three years later, the beach club has become a must-see, culminating in the supreme distinction of being named the best beach club in the world in 2023. Yes, the world has finally discovered Ibiza’s worst-kept secret.

Run by a team of Dutch and Spanish owners, Casa Jondal has transformed a traditional finca into a stylish sanctuary. Cotton sails hang from the trees like works of art in the open air. In the same time, the kitchen offers a unique taste experience between two rays of sunshine. Behind the stoves is Rafa Zafra, a culinary rock star who trained at El Bullí, one of the best restaurants in the world that has been changed into a museum since june 2023. On the menu : lobster, oysters, caviar pasta and customised tacos. In terms of atmosphere, it’s a plunge back into the 90s, with attentive service.

6 Ibiza and Formentera beach clubs in the world ranking

And Ibiza is omnipresent in the ranking, as in addition to Casa Jondal, 5 other addresses feature among the world’s top beach clubs : Atzaro Beach in 8th place, Aiyanna in 25th place, 10 Punto 7 (Formentera) in 35th place, People Bar (Formentera) in 42th place and Beso Beach (Formentera) in 53rd place. A real plebiscite for Ibiza and its sublime neighbour, proving once again the international influence of these pieces of paradise.

P.S. : Casa Jondal will reopen its doors in spring 2024 !

Source : Condé Nast Traveller