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10 different kind of strange people we meet in Ibiza

Whether you’re a nature lover, a spiritualist or an unconditional party animal… Ibiza attracts a whole host of different personalities who settle here or spend most of their time here. Here are the different people we can meet in Ibiza.

The digital nomad

It’s the first kind of different people we can meet everywhere on Ibiza. This free-spirited soul has abandoned a big capital city to live the beach life in Ibiza. You’ll often find them with their feet in the sand, working on their laptop from a beach bar or the terrace of the Croissant Show, all the while sipping a green smoothie.

The unstoppable party animal

Ibiza is their playground. They know all the clubs, all the DJs and have an energy that defies gravity. They live for the party, day and night, and their impeccable tans are proof of their epic nights.

The real hippie

Dressed in handmade clothes and scented with essential oils, they roam the hippie markets, playing guitar under the stars and preaching love and peace to anyone who will listen.

The zen yogi

Ibiza attracts wellness enthusiasts from all over the world. You’ll find these morning yogis meditating at sunrise on the beach, taking part in yoga retreats and eating organic and vegan food.

The lost soul

Ibiza is loaded with temptations of all kinds. And some people just can’t resist them. So it’s not uncommon to come across tormented people in the streets of Dalt Vila in particular, people who drag their misery around and are sometimes psychologically damaged.

The jet-setter on permanent vacation

With their perfect tans, designer sunglasses and yachts moored in the harbor, these Ibiza regulars live the life of the stars. You’ll come across them in the posh clubs, where they order exorbitantly priced champagne without batting an eyelid.

The hidden beaches explorer

Armed with fins, mask and snorkel, this adventurer seeks out the island’s secluded coves and secret beaches. They flee the crowds to lose themselves in Ibiza’s unspoilt nature.

The hippie chic fashionista

Wearing vintage clothes and handcrafted creations, Ibiza’s bohemian fashionistas embody the hippie chic style to perfection. Their looks are as unique as the local boutiques and brands they browse.

The spiritual seeker

Ibiza is a magnet for spiritual seekers. You’ll meet meditators, healers and spiritual seekers, taking part in shamanic ceremonies or practicing yoga by candlelight. Most of the time in front of Es Vedrà, the magnetic and magical stone of Ibiza.

The sunset lover

Armed with a camera or simply sitting with a beer in hand, Ibiza’s sunset enthusiast is there for every celestial spectacle. They know all the secret spots to watch the sun disappear behind the horizon of the magical island.