Ibiza Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila, the historical gem of Ibiza town

Beyond its festive ambiance, Ibiza also offers a rich cultural and historical heritage. Among its most precious treasures lies Dalt Vila, an ancient walled city that overlooks the coast. Follow us for a captivating journey through cobblestone streets, picturesque squares and magnificent panoramic views.

Dalt Vila, literally meaning « high town, » has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999. By exploring its impressive ramparts and fortifications dating back to the 16th century, you will be immersed in Ibiza’s fascinating history. These walls were built to protect against maritime invasions and stand as a testament to the island’s long history as a cultural and trading crossroad.

The best way to begin your visit is to make your way to Plaza de la Vila, the main square of Dalt Vila. Surrounded by charming whitewashed houses and lively cafes, this picturesque square is an ideal place to soak up the relaxed and bohemian atmosphere of Ibiza. Take a seat on a terrace and enjoy a drink while admiring the architecture that surrounds you.

Dalt Vila, a piece of history in Ibiza

As you wander through the narrow alleys, you will discover numerous architectural treasures, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, proudly standing atop the hill. This imposing Gothic cathedral offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding coast from its courtyard. Take the opportunity to admire the magnificent architectural details inside the cathedral, including its imposing carved wooden altarpiece.

For a modern touch, don’t miss the incredible Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE). Housed in an 18th-century former hospital, this museum showcases a collection of contemporary artworks, highlighting local and international artists. Explore the fascinating exhibitions that feature various forms of art, ranging from painting to sculpture to photography. It’s a unique opportunity to combine the traditional history of Dalt Vila with contemporary artistic expression.

Let’s get high !

Another unmissable experience is ascending to the top of the ramparts. As you stroll along the fortifications, you can enjoy spectacular views on the Mediterranean Sea, white sandy beaches and the rooftops of Old Town. It’s also an ideal spot for capturing stunning photos, thus preserving unforgettable memories of your visit.

After a day of exploring, take time to unwind in one of the charming bars and restaurants in the neighborhood. To enjoy traditional tapas, savor refreshing cocktails or soak in the lively atmosphere, you’ll find a place that suits you.

Dalt Vila is much more than a mere tourist attraction. It’s a place where history and modernity converge, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere. Next time you visit Ibiza, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this historical gem with a modern and cool twist. You will be enchanted by the history, beauty, and timeless charm of this place.

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