ibiza fog

Photos : the impressive fog that surrounded Ibiza last weekend

Last weekend, something incredible happened on Ibiza. While the heart of the island was bathed in sunshine and blue skies, Ibiza coasts and beaches were shrouded in thick fog. In some places, the sea even disappeared in this cold cloud that moved at full speed.

Clearly not a good time to go and enjoy the beach! Last weekend, many locals and tourists had planned to bask on Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches. But surprise : once they reached the coast, they found themselves in a thick fog worthy of the Brittany coastline. It was an almost unreal sight, with the sea literally disappearing in some places (such as Santa Eulalia). And we could find many amazing photos of this crazy fog (and not crazy frog) in Ibiza.

Huge clouds of icy vapour

In the space of a minute, we went from British weather to Mediterranean sunshine. It was a striking contrast, and one that prompted a number of amateur photographers to whip out their cameras and smartphones and capture this breathtaking natural spectacle. From Dalt Vila to Es Vedrà, here’s a selection of the most impressive photos of the Ibiza fog we came across on Instagram.