Privilege Ibiza demolished

Privilege Ibiza : the world’s largest club is to be demolished

Privilege Ibiza, formerly the world’s largest club, was due to be renovated but is now being demolished. Sad news for Ibiza’s clubbers, although it’s a safe bet that the site won’t remain empty for long…

Privilege Ibiza, once the biggest club in the world according to Guinness World Records, is disappearing from the Ibiza nightlife scene as the building is being demolished. The iconic venue is currently being demolished. A page in the history of clubbing in Ibiza is being turned… and a new one opened ?

Privilege Ibiza is to be demolished

Only a few months ago, over €8.2 million was invested in the Privilege for refurbishment and reopening in 2025. This considerable sum was spent in the hope of breathing new life into this giant of the night, but recent photos reveal that the club’s walls are now crumbling, room by room. The investment appears to have been a last gasp before the icon’s final collapse.

The club previously closed in 2018 following illegal alterations that compromised the safety of the premises. It briefly reopened, only to close again in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, never to return to its former glory. These repeated closures added layers of complexity to the club’s survival, finally culminating in this demolition.

What future for the superclub ?

The Privilege site is not destined to remain a wasteland, however. Owned by Grupo Empresas Matutes, a major player in Ibiza’s hotel and leisure industry, there is every chance that the land will soon see the birth of a new project. Speculation is rife, with many hoping for the creation of a revolutionary new venue capable of redefining Ibiza’s nightlife scene.