secret places Ibiza

5 mystical and secret places to explore in Ibiza

In Ibiza, there are also secret places. Beyond its famous beaches and crazy parties, the island hides unknown wonders. let us take you on a journey to secret enclaves off the beaten track. Here’s your ticket to a unique adventure, discovering Ibiza’s secret.

Time and Space : Ibiza’s Stonehenge

In the wild west of the island, on the heights of Cala Llentia, stands a stunning modern monument, often compared to the famous Stonehenge which is also one of the most secret secrets places of Ibiza. Created by Andrew Rogers and financed by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, this circle of 12 basalt columns crowns the island with a mystical aura. At the centre, a monolith topped with a 23-carat gold plaque watches over Ibiza. For lovers of art and mystery, Cala Llentia is a must.

The gates of Can Soleil : a work of art open to infinity

Just a stone’s throw from Cala Llentia, the Can Soleil gates offer a fascinating view of Es Vedrá, adding to the mystique of the place. These two monumental doors, decorated with Arabic motifs and once housing a hand of Fatima, are a gateway to the raw beauty of Ibiza. At their feet, a mosaic of tiles, sand and stones tells the story of an island of cultures and legends.

Atlantis Ibiza : a dreamlike journey through time

Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort, better known as Atlantis, is a spectacular natural site sculpted by man and nature. A former quarry transformed into a work of art by the hippy movement, Atlantis is a lunar landscape of symbols, sculptures, mysticism and natural pools. A place full of history and energy, perfect for explorers looking to connect with nature and hike.

Cueva des Culleram : the sanctuary of the Goddess Tanit

Perched high above Sa Cala de San Vicent, Cueva des Culleram is an archaeological treasure trove dedicated to Tanit, the Carthaginian goddess of fertility. This Punic sanctuary, dating back to ancient times, offers a fascinating insight into Ibiza’s rich and complex history. A place steeped in spirituality, ideal for understanding the island’s deep roots. And one of the most secret places of Ibiza.

Es Canaret : a dream cove for insiders

Nestling in the north of Ibiza, Es Canaret is a hidden gem known only to a privileged few. Despite the after-effects of a fire, this corner of paradise is regenerating, offering a clear waters cove. A memorial reminds us of the importance of protecting these natural treasures. Surely one of the most secret and hidden beaches of Ibiza.