Room Service Ibiza Cocktail

Room Service Ibiza, the new vintage cocktail bar of Dalt Vila

The family of Ibiza’s cocktail bars is set to grow. from summer 2023 Room Service Ibiza has opened its doors. A vintage-decorated den of good drinks in the heart of Dalt Vila, it’s sure to shake up your taste buds.

The summer of 2023 has seen the birth of a place where style, conviviality and a passion for authentic Ibiza come together. Room Service Ibiza, located at number 8 of carrer del Passadís in Eivissa town, is much more than just a cocktail bar. It’s the result of an idea shared by three visionary friends : a passionate barman, a daring creative director and a fashion photographer with a keen eye.

A Room Service still available for a drink

The heart of this project beats to the rhythm of their love for Ibiza. A love that transcends the clichés of the island and embraces its true international nature. The aim was to create a warm refuge that would arouse the curiosity of explorers. And to achieve this, the location was essential. Located behind the Plaça de la Constitució, Room Service Ibiza is anchored in the charm of the port and the old town. Its picturesque streets and centuries-old buildings provide the backdrop for a unique experience.

Cocktails to take away

It’s not just a bar, it’s an invitation to feel at home, even when you’re far away from it. Authenticity is in Room Service’s DNA and you can feel it from the moment you walk through the door. A welcome is more than a gesture : it’s a promise. Behind the bar, the team shows its passion for mixology to offer creations that go beyond the simple act of drinking. The drinks, « mixed in Ibiza, ready to serve« , tell the story of the island in every sip.

The range of spirits is as vast as the sea that surrounds Ibiza. From complex tequilas to velvety whiskies, Room Service Ibiza has everything to satisfy the most demanding palates. The walls are adorned with artistic photographs of nude women, adding a touch of daring and sophistication. Best point : cocktails are also available to bring at home. A very chic and vintage Room Service to disturb without moderation !

Carrer del Passadís 8 – Eivissa