Ibiza plane

Ibiza is officially the most delayed airport in Spain

More than 10 million passengers have experienced delays at Spanish airports this summer, according to data from AirHelp. Ibiza airport has the worst delay score : 1 750 000 travelers welcomed and only 63% took their flight on time.

In concrete terms, of the 26 million people who flew in Spain, 72% did so on time, which is an improvement on last year’s figures, when the punctuality rate was 70%. However, there is still some way to go to reach the pre-pandemic level of 38 million transfers and almost 75% punctuality.

In terms of monthly air activity, July remains the favorite month for travelers. Nearly 85 000 scheduled flights and almost 13 million passengers. By contrast, in the first official summer month (June), 78 000 flights and 12 million passengers were recorded, 10 000 flights and 2 million passengers more than in 2022, and August’s activity figures were also exceeded.

37% of flights delayed at Ibiza airport

According to AirHelp, Ibiza airport is the least compliant, with 37% of delay on its flights. The same source also stated Eurowings is the most punctual airline. Over the summer, more than 7 250 flights operated by the airline left Spain, carrying more than a million passengers. Less than 3% of these flights were delayed in any way.

Looking at airports with more than 200 scheduled flights a month, Asturias passengers were the luckiest to start their holidays, with 83,6% of the 225 000 passengers who took a flight from this autonomous community leaving on time.