La Brasa Ibiza Dalt Vila restaurant

Eat in Dalt Vila : the best restaurants of Ibiza Old Town

Find good restaurants in Ibiza Dalt Vila is not always easy thing… Between tourist traps and frozen food, it could be tough to find a good place in Old Town. Here are the best restaurants of Ibiza Dalt Vila to help you on your hungry quest.

The most romantic : La Scala

This is THE place for lovers at the foot of the castle. Situated on the heights of the town, La Scala transports you to a lovely square where love perfumes the air. Small tables are placed under a beautiful arbor to offer us a moment of delight and charm. The service is superb and the cuisine offers refined and original dishes. One of the most perfect restaurants in Ibiza Dalt Vila for a romantic dinner in the peace and quiet of Beauty and the Tramp.

Carrer de sa Carrossa 7 – Eivissa
Tel: +34 971 30 03 83

The most Italian : La Tana

A change of scenery for the heart of a lively pedestrianised street in the old town. La Tana is an Italian restaurant that prepares its own pasta (the team meets after the evening service to concoct the next day’s fresh pasta). The result is, of course, delicious and enhanced by the sight of Ibizan life bustling around us. The perfect place to start a great evening in Dalt Vila… until the wee hours !

Carrer del Passadís 3 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 680 59 78 43

The most charming : Sa Cova

Welcome to a paradise for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Nestling in the heart of the old town, Sa Cova boasts a short menu packed with seasonal produce to guarantee freshness. At the helm, the Peruvian-born chef blends recipes from his country with the savoir-faire of French cuisine to offer us mouthfuls of sunshine we can’t get enough of. All in a perfect setting that smells of holidays and sharing.

Carrer Santa Llúcia 5 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 665 38 39 44

The most spectacular : 1742 Ibiza

Perched at the very top of Dalt Vila, this chic address offers a unique gastronomic experience in the old town. In a magnificent and immersive setting, the Dutch chef (who holds a 2 Michelin star restaurant in the Netherlands) makes your taste buds twirl with recipes based on fresh, local produce. Everything is good, everything is beautiful, and the sublime view of the château adds that touch of spice that makes all the difference. What more could you ask for than a cosy, intimate atmosphere and a superb panoramic terrace?

Carrer Major 3 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 971 30 44 52

The most original : S’Escalinata

Surely one of the most famous restaurants of Ibiza Dalt Vila, this place perched on the stairs leading up to the castle is one of the addresses not to be missed. And when the food is good quality too, why deprive yourself? S’Escalinata is the ideal place for a drink, with large poufs on the steps, and also serves fresh, local tapas. You can sit back, sip a cocktail and pick up a few small plates to satisfy your hunger. A simple, authentic break.

Carrer Portal Nou 10 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 628 56 03 82

The most local : Locals Only

Head for the popular Plaza del Parque! Amidst the bars and tourist attractions lies a den of regulars and connoisseurs: Locals Only. Here, the food is local, with good local produce and freshly prepared tapas. You’ll find real Ibicencos and a few tourists who know Ibiza and its good places. As well as the small terrace on the square, Locals Only has a beautiful, no-fuss interior. The real star is in the plate (and the service)!

Plaza del Parque 5 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 971 30 19 97

The most beautiful : La Brasa

Between romance and chic, La Brasa brilliantly blends the genres. Under a magnificent arbour, the restaurant serves fine local cuisine with a large outdoor brazier. The atmosphere in the garden is utterly charming, while the inside is a beautifully decorated old finca. We recommend you go here out of season, when the place is more intimate and the waiters more relaxed.

Carrer de Pere Sala 3 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 971 30 12 02

The most affordable : Bar Sant Juan

A family-run restaurant for decades, Bar Sant Juan sits in the middle of Dalt Vila and is always packed. It has to be said that the recipe has not aged a bit: simple, comforting cuisine, an old-fashioned, friendly atmosphere and unbeatable prices. One of the only restaurants on the island where you can eat well for less than €10. It’s not haute cuisine, but it’s more than enough to keep us happy!

Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí 8 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 971 31 16 03

The most panoramic : Plaza del Sol

With its large panoramic terrace overlooking the city, Plaza del Sol has it all. And while the climb to get there is well worth it, the result is well worth the effort ! With a fine selection of drinks, a wide choice of tapas made with fresh produce and some mouth-watering dishes, this gourmet haunt charms passers-by and regulars alike. Proof that it really is possible to please everyone.

Plaza del Sol 7 – Eivissa
Tel : +34 971 39 07 73

This is, of course, only a small selection, as there are many other excellent restaurants in Dalt Vila…