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Ibiza and Formentera have the most expensive hotels in Spain

We knew that hotels prices went crazy during the high season on the Pitiusas islands, but not to this point. The National Institute of Statistics has just unveiled its ranking of hotel prices in Spain. Guess where are the most expensive hotels in Spain : Ibiza and Formentera !

229.70 euros. That’s the average price you pay to spend the night in a hotel on Ibiza and Formentera. According to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), this is the most expensive hotels in Spain of any tourist destination, and it was reached in July. Only one other destination exceeds 200 euros per night : the Guipuzkoa coast.

This trend can be explained by the explosion of prices in luxury hotels, while more modest have maintained good prices. Except that prices on Ibiza and Formentera are much higher than on the other Balearic islands. On Mallorca, the average price of a night was 145 euros in July, while on Menorca it was 166 euros. For all the archipelago, we get the most expensive average in the country, with an average of 192 euros.

12% increase in one year

For cities, Marbella (283 euros per night) and especially Estepona (298 euros per night) are the most expensive in Spain. More generally, accommodation prices have soared due to inflation, with a 12% increase in hotel prices in Ibiza and Formentera between July 2022 (205 euros on average) and July 2023.

Let’s face it : we have the most expensive hotels in Spain…

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