Ibiza winter season

10 good reasons to choose Ibiza in winter season

We adore Ibiza in Winter ! With 7 million tourists in summer, Ibiza becomes a hellish place for many people. Fortunately, this crowd sets sail in winter to allow the island to breathe and the locals to enjoy its many delights. Here are 10 reasons to love Ibiza during Winter.

Paradise beaches that are almost deserted

All the locals will tell you : in summer, you have to get up early (or go to bed late) to hope of finding a spot on one of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches. But once the summer season is over, the beaches regain a bit of space where you can put your towel down and enjoy the fabulous panorama. We also recommend taking a boat trip to the most beautiful deserted coves of Ibiza in winter.

Accessible and less popular restaurants

In summer, there are 3 types of restaurant: those that raise their prices to become totally inaccessible, those where you have to book 6 months in advance and the tourist traps (which we won’t mention so that they continue to exist…). In the off-season, however, all these fine establishments come back into line and welcome locals, who can rediscover the pleasures of fine dining. Here is a selection of the best restaurants of Dalt Vila !

More reasonably priced hotels

In Ibiza, as elsewhere, the law of supply and demand governs everything. During the summer, hotel prices soar with the influx of tourists from all over the world. But in the off-season, the crowds are fewer and farther between, and prices return to reasonable levels. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a romantic or family break in one of the island’s most beautiful hotels. And there’s plenty to do…

Hippie markets as authentic as ever

Whether it’s Las Dalias, Sant Jordi or Sant Joan, the hippy markets immerse us in Ibiza’s bohemian atmosphere all year round. And in winter, when the island is deserted by tourists, these markets take on a whole new flavour. More authentic, more typical and just as popular, the hippie markets also boast a superb atmosphere. Yes, there is obviously less activity than in summer, so the markets are very popular with the locals and the few tourists.

A tenfold increase in spiritual energy

Many say that the energy of Ibiza is much more palpable in winter than in summer, offering a different, more introspective experience of the island. From spiritual retreats to epic hikes, the white island is a fantastic playground for refocusing on yourself and feeling the crazy energies of the earth. Especially Es Vedrà which has been ranked Es Vedrá as the 3rd most energetic vortex to visit in the world.

Winter in Ibiza with its flamboyant nature

In autumn, it’s not unusual for Ibiza to experience several days of rain. The result: irrigated, nature lights up and displays flamboyant colors that delight our eyes. Winter on Ibiza is enchanting and seeing the leaves on the trees puts a smile on our face. We recommend you to book an amazing hike with Ibiza Hike Station !

The ideal climate to enjoy the island

Ibiza’s Mediterranean climate means that even in winter, temperatures remain mild. Sunny days can be spent exploring the island without the intense heat of summer but without the chill of winter. This is borne out by the exceptional November we are currently experiencing on the island…

Many places where you can feel the magic of Christmas

Place Vara de Rey, Las Dalias and San Antonio. Ibiza has many Christmas markets where you can experience the magic of the festive season and the warmth of the specialities. You’ll be immersed in the magical world of Christmas, surrounded by brightly-lit decorations and local craftsmen offering gifts to put under the tree.

The pleasure of meeting the real locals

While they tend to set sail during the summer, Ibiza’s locals make the most of their island during the winter. On café terraces, in alleyways or on the beach : you’ll come across them just about everywhere, and the much more relaxed atmosphere than in summer is conducive to talking and meeting people. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends. Here are the most traditional restaurants of Ibiza where to find locals.

Ibiza Winter parties worth it

When the clubs close their doors, where can we go to party ? In villas, of course! Out of season, private parties are organised in villas and offer at least as much fun as the biggest discos. And here too, it’s a great opportunity to meet people who could well serve you well in the future…